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Hello!, and welcome to the Police Squad! wikia, Police Squad! wikia is about the short running tv series Police Squad! wich lasted for 6 episodes. It Starred Leslie Nielsen as Lieutenant Frank Drebin, Alan North as Captain Ed Hocken, Peter Lupus as Officer Norberg, Ed Williams as Ted Olsen, William Duell as Johnny the Snitch and Rex Hamilton as Abraham Lincoln. The show got two Emmy Award nominations and one Satellite Award nomination. The show was mainly a spoof of police dramas, especially 1960's M Squad, the show revolved around Sergeant Frank Drebin a Detective Lieutenant Police Squad!, a special department of the police force. The show was created by David Zucker, Jim Abrahams and Jerry Zucker (A.K.A. the ZAZ) and was broadcasted on ABC. The series had all sorts of recurring gags, for instance, the opening title, wich was anounced by Hank Simms, always showed a different title for the episode than the one that was announced. On an episode of Entertainment Tonight then-ABC entertainment president Tony Thomopoulos revealed that Police Squad! was cancelled because you had to actually pay attention in order to get the jokes, in an interview Leslie Nielsen stated that as stupid that may sound, it was true. The TV Guide later stated that this reason was "the most stupid reason a network ever gave for ending a series." Before the series started there were already ideas to make a movie, but there wasn't enough material to do this. They decided to link a few episodes together, using some new scenes, but this project was abandoned before being completed. After the cancellation the creators changed there mind and decide to make a movie, wich they called The Naked Gun: From the files of Police Squad! it was released in 1988, two sequels followed, the second in 1991 and the third and (current) last film in 1994. A lot of the gags from Police Squad! recycled for the films, but only two actors from Police Squad! (Leslie Nielsen and Ed Williams) returned in the films. There was also a series of commercials made for Red Rock Cider, wich also used some of the Police Squad! gags and starred Leslie Nielsen.

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